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Adaptive Insights What is it?

Adaptive Insights is the leading cloud based corporate performance management suite. It incorporates planning, consolidation and reporting with powerful integration and analytics capability. Fast to implement with a friendly Excel front end, it delivers fast, accurate forecasting.

Adaptive Insights What does it do for you?

Faster Forecasting

As a cloud based system Adaptive allows you to access and share the most up-to-date information. Driver based models automate much of the manual manipulation previously required of finance teams when using Excel. The result is faster more accurate forecasts.

More Accurate

Adaptive has created the ability to pull together relevant information into one hub. It shows the most recent changes whether revenue, sales, operational, personnel or external data. It allows for secure access to reduce risk, and enables sharing without any of the inherent limitations of Excel.

Agile Analysis – put the fun back in forecasting

As a finance leader you want to be able to analyse, identify trends and communicate this insight to the rest of the business. Adaptive Insights have put together a toolkit of Reporting and visual analytics in the Discovery module, which provides access to instant dashboards for each recipient, supporting better decision making.

Adaptive Software Products

Adaptive Planning

Cross-company planning and cash flow forecasting in the cloud.

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Adaptive Discovery

Monitor your business performance with finance and operations dashboard.

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Adaptive Integration

Cloud-based planning software proven to accelerate productivity by over 70%.

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Adaptive Reporting

Pull information from anywhere using this powerful integration tool.

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Adaptive Reporting

Automate and accelerate your financial consolidation.

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