Adaptive Discovery
A picture paints thousand words, visual analytics transform your data.

Adaptive Discovery What is it?

Adaptive Discovery delivers highly visual dashboards accessible on any device at any time, tailored to the recipient. Users can self-serve, by accessing relevant information without reliance on IT or finance which provides better visibility of performance.

Adaptive Discovery
What does it do for you?

A picture paints a thousand words

Presentation of data using attractive visuals is more palatable to everyone. This type of information is more likely to be used and shared to make more informed decisions.

Analytics where, when and how you need it

Being cloud based Adaptive Discovery allows for access anytime, anywhere. Free integrated apps allows for access and sharing of visual analytics on your tablet, phone or any other device on the fly.

Free up resources

There is no more need for finance or IT to build complex tailored reports as recipients can self-serve by building personalised dashboards on a managed secure platform.

Flexibility is endless

Functionality includes; Drill down to detail, the ability to slice and dice data in time and across dimensions. Test different ‘what if’ scenarios. Share as formatted ‘snapshots’, or deliver as online dashboards.

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Adaptive Discovery

Key features

  • Self-Service Custom dashboards for all your users

  • Visualise results to identify key issues

  • Drill down by multiple dimensions to source data

  • Hundreds of chart types and options

  • Communicate effectively to non financial managers

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