Adaptive Integration
Data – anytime, any-place, anywhere.

Adaptive Integration What is it?

Integration the cornerstone of the Adaptive Technology Foundation which allows you to connect any data source to your Adaptive Insights solution as often as you like. Connect GL, ERP, HR, Excel or any other data source, to run on schedule or demand.

Adaptive Integration
What does it do for you?

Get access to more information, faster

Adaptive Integration Automates updates from multiple data sources without the need to rely on IT. Speed has always been the constraint in handling more information. Without the need for manual transfer, time is no longer a constraint to the amount of data which can be pulled into financial plans, freeing up many days for finance teams and making monthly rolling forecasts a reality.

More accurate information

Automated data updates can be set to run on demand or scheduled. This bypasses the need for manual uploads and manipulating complex sreadsheets which so often carry inherent errors. Greater security and the ability to share information enables monitoring of access and changes made with full visibility of formulae.

Every forecast needs data. Getting this data into your forecast accurately and quickly is a key driver for monthly rolling forecasts. Don’t waste time with manual data uploads, let Adaptive integrate the data for you.

Link your systems

The new Adaptive Integration module is a comprehensive solution for your data needs. It has full enterprise level Extract, Transform and Load capability, which allows Adaptive to connect to and combine data with pretty much any source, performing complex routines to ensure data populates in the correct format.

Adaptive also has a highly functional API. This interface allows direct interaction to and from your Adaptive data. Use your own integration middleware to incorporate Adaptive seamlessly into your landscape. Or embed the API to provide powerful connectivity.

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