Adaptive Planning
Cloud-based planning software proven to accelerate productivity by over 70%.

Adaptive Planning What is it?

Fully integrated cloud based planning across the whole business, with powerful reporting. Adaptive planning offers collaboration capability, is accessible from anywhere, easy to use and affordable.

Adaptive Planning
What does it do for you?

Flexible Modelling

With Adaptive you get detailed row based modelling, like Excel, but also multi-dimensional modelling. So building a plan for Product by Customer or by Project is easy. You can build as many versions as you wish, copying one to the other. Manipulating “what if” scenarios, running constant currency calculations or sensitivity analysis are all straightforward. These are all real world features that make your planning solution better. We have template models for you to use, or you can build your own from scratch.

Plain English Formulas

80% of spread sheet owners say they have no errors, 80% of spread sheets have errors. Most of us have fallen foul of this statistic. Adaptive formulas can be controlled using a central assumptions sheet. They are written in plain English, so they are easy to understand. Better still, Adaptive will spot formula errors and tell you.

Formulas handle complications such as dimensions and time easily. Combined with lookup values, value spreading and allocations, Adaptive does it all. Models are easy to build and follow and expand, even when complex.

Award winning usability

Both Gartner and BPM Partners have rated Adaptive Insights number one in customer satisfaction from customer surveys. The software is intuitive to use, with drop down list choices, and an Excel look and feel. The simple presentation belies a powerful calculation and modelling capability.

For you, this means that users will adopt and love your solution very quickly. Getting all areas of your organisation to “own” and engage with the planning process possibly the number one criteria for a successful planning solution.

Faster, more accurate forecasting

Automated processes deliver over 70% improvement in time savings whilst offering the ability to collaborate and grow, which a cloud based system provides. The integrated workflows, version and access control ensure you can manage the budgeting and forecasting process more effectively.

Automatic aggregation and greater transparency with audit trail, Adaptive Planning incorporates all you’d expect and accommodates business specific needs to plan successfully across personnel, expenses, capital, sales revenue, balance sheet, cash flow and currency management. With access to excellent reporting and visual analytics.

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Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

Key features

  • Driver-based planning, budgeting and forecasting

  • Integrated P&L, balance sheet forecasting, cash flow projection

  • Minimise data entry and improve accuracy with an integrated plan

  • Comprehensive and reliable cash flow forecasting software

  • What-if analyses to predict impact on cash flow forecast

  • Upload Actuals for an accurate start point and integrated reports

Personnel Planning

Key features

  • Configurable sheets to do personnel planning your way

  • Easy data entry interface for planning, budgeting and forecasting

  • Personnel planning by individual or groups

  • Split headcount across departments, projects, funds, etc.

  • Import personnel data from your HR system as often as needed

  • Separate formulae to calculate tax rules by country

Revenue Planning

Key features

  • Unlimited dimensions (e.g. product, customer) for sales planning

  • Use multi-dimension cube sheets; change views with drag and drop

  • Driver-based sales forecasting, revenue planning, cash flow forecast

  • Use lookup tables to automatically calculate revenue recognition

  • Integrate pipeline and actual sales data from CRM or other systems

  • Fully integrated with Salesforce

Capital Assets

Key features

  • Drive new assets from other planned events, such as new employees

  • Import existing assets and add projected purchases

  • Use spread tables to automatically calculate depreciation

  • Integrated P&L, balance sheet forecasting, cash flow forecasting

  • Complete flexibility to model your business


Key features

  • Unlimited currencies for multi-national forecasts

  • Automated online currency translation and instant rollup

  • Unlimited currency types and versions

  • Constant currency reporting to isolate FX impact

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