Adaptive Reporting
Do your models proud with great reporting, managers can understand.

Adaptive Reporting What is it?

Adaptive has an intuitive drag and drop report writer. All reports will render in HTML, PDF or Excel. Better still use OfficeConnect to build drag and drop reports directly in Excel. Adaptive Reporting provides access to easy to use on-line reports which automatically sort, subtotal and drilldown on actual, budget and forecast data using flexible parameters. Departments can self-serve by building relevant reports, freeing up finance and IT.

Adaptive Reporting
What does it do for you?

Free up finance

Self service reporting allows departments to producce their own reports without IT intervention. With full drill down capability, audit trail and notes for instant analysis and collaborative working.

Improve informed decision making

Provide visibility of actual performance. Using Adaptive Reporting you can generate and share the latest data in a format that is easy to access, understand and that is up-to-date.

Easy to use

The drag and drop functionality of Adaptive Reporting enables users to build and access reports relevant to them and easily drill-down into the detail.

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Using Reports

Key features

  • Financial reporting tool to slice and dice across dimensions

  • Easily compare versions and scenarios with financial reporting software

  • Fast, efficient financial reports & board reports

  • Generate and distribute real-time management reports instantly

  • Business reporting software that ends dependence on IT for report writing

Building Reports

Key features

  • Powerful financial reporting software that requires no programming

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create management reports across dimensions

  • Board reports & financial reports in your format

  • Self-service management reporting software for budget managers

  • Free your reporting from dependence on IT

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