Your business does not stand still, so neither should your forecast model.


At formulate we know that your business does not stand still. The model that you built initially in Adaptive may not be the model that you need now. That is why we offer continuous improvement. You may want to add extra functionality to make it work even better.

  • You might have bought another business or launched a range of new products

  • You need to incorporate a driver based sales forecast

  • You need fully integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow forecast

  • You need to integrate with your personnel system or general ledger

Your business does not stand still, so neither should your forecast model. Equally, Adaptive is changing too. Every quarter a new release provides extra features and functions that can be used to make your model more effective.

Whether your model was built by us originally or not, we offer the ability to constantly improve and evolve your solution. Formulate get under the bonnet of Adaptive to create a better solution for your business, we can tune your system to run better. Everything from training some new team members, to a major rebuild of your model, we can help.

We recommend that every solution should be reviewed every year. We offer a completely free of charge Review to ensure that everyone can keep their model up to date.

We’ve worked with a number of Adaptive Insights clients to improve their system or extend its use to meet new business needs.

Our Agile for Adaptive methodology is suitable for both initial implementation and ongoing improvements and remodelling. We’ll listen to your business needs, and incorporate them with minimal disruption.

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Need a tune up? Formulate offer a FREE review service