Join the data dots with the UK experts


Today Integration is an essential part of the forecasting solution. Combine data from many sources and systems to provide a clear picture of the way ahead.

Data the essential element

Every forecast needs data. Your most up to date Actual results. The latest exchange rates. Volume forecasts from your sales systems, the latest headcount from your HR system. The better the initial data for your forecast, the more accurate and up to date it will be. Getting this data into your forecast accurately and quickly is a key driver for monthly rolling forecasts. Don’t waste time with manual data uploads, let Adaptive integrate the data for you

Too much choice? ask the experts

Formulate have a history of working in multiple systems and managing many data sources. We have long SAP heritage and having been solution providers for a number of applications means we are not afraid of delving into unchartered waters to solve problems. We are now the leading experts for Adaptive Integration in the UK

Adaptive has an extensive choice of integration solutions. Choose from the easy to use Excel upload and download capability, the modern web based API or an industrial strength ETL toolset based on the market leading Pentaho solution. It’s a comprehensive selection, with solutions for all situations

We make extensive use of all of the integration capabilities of Adaptive. We have solved complex integration issues using VBA and the Adaptive API, with customers including ARM Holdings, the worlds leading chip designer. We were the first in the UK to use the new Adaptive Integration module, and released the our first Integration Business Pack in just two weeks

Adaptive’s new integration tool is brilliant. We have the confidence and experience to get it working and creating links and out and in to your systems whatever they are, to provide a more integrated forecasting system.