Our Skills

Finance to the core,
we can delve deeper to deliver more.

Who are we?

Formulate are finance solutions specialists. Our mix of accountancy, business and systems knowledge delivers the planning solution you deserve. Unlike many tech consultancies, we speak your language. We’ll only bother you when needed, and we won’t spend time on elements of the solution you don’t need. That’s why we deliver on time and on budget.

Why us?

Finance to the Core

Deep understanding of your challenges In order to build the right solution we first have to understand the problem and what you want to achieve. This requires a detailed knowledge of accounting, which is why all our key people are accountancy qualified. We’ve worked in, and managed finance teams in a broad range of commercial sectors. This experience has built a deep understanding of the complexities different businesses face. Whatever your finance or business landscape, we are never out of our depth.


Deep product knowledge A well-built solution demands deep product and technical knowledge. All our consultants have worked in software for decades, from Excel to SAP and are all Adaptive certified. Our product confidence means we are not afraid to delve deep into the product and make it work for clients. This sets us apart from many other solution providers. Whether existing or new functionality, Formulate pride ourselves on understanding what and how we can get the best from the product, for you.


The Skills to make it happen Any solution demands a strong set of project skills. All our consultants are UK based and have first-hand experience of our clients’ businesses from having met them at the outset at an in-house workshop. This ensures information is not lost in translation which can waste time and create frustration. The team at Formulate have decades of IT project implementations under our belts. We bring the ability to manage people, time and process to make sure your planning solution fits first time, then continues to work for you as the business grows. We have developed our own Agile for Adaptive methodology to ensure our projects are implemented right every time, on time.


We are very picky about our consultants. We choose them according to their breadth and depth of experience, often building our own, so you won’t find our unique set of skills anywhere else. This means we are able to go much further than most; we offer continued improvement of your model for the business. This ensures your planning solution keeps pace with your business, exploits new software updates and realises the benefit from Adaptive. Consultancies can get a bad press, but for us it is all about our customers. We will be there for you in your hour of need. If you need to get something completed fast – you can call on us and despite our accountancy and tech background, we can still empathise, and have a sense of humour.

Our work

We work with clients from the point they identify a need for a forecasting solution. We support them in building a business case and go on to deliver tailored demonstrations of the product. We licence, build, implement and train complete planning solutions. We also go much further; we work with clients post implementation to enhance, improve and train their Adaptive Insights solution to ensure systems remains current and relevant.
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Meet the team

Stephen Hambling

Stephen Hambling

Consulting Director

Stephen has led consulting teams on multi-national projects for decades. His skill is in understanding where software makes a difference to business and delivering it. He has a rare combination of technical, finance and business skills, which shape the Formulate approach

Chris Holbrook

Chris Holbrook

Solution Architect

Chris is our lead consultant responsible for technical delivery. His strength is his ability to understand a business and translate their needs to a model that works. Chris was instrumental in creating our unique Business Packs which demonstrate his deep understanding of Adaptive.

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Marketing and customer management

Charlotte leads our marketing and customer management, liaising with prospects and customers. Charlotte has wide experience of leading customer facing teams. Her personable approach typifies the Formulate ethos .

Julian Page

Sales Director

Julian brings to the table over 20 years of industry know-how. He has worked for national and international businesses as an employee, manager and director with leading ERP/EPM software vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.  Julian capitalises on international experience working across all business sectors.