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Business planning is on the up, with the need to share current information and insights almost daily. These days Microsoft Excel alone won't cut it, but you still want the same look and feel, with the added benefit of being shareable and power the to create endless versions with all your information connected up. When looking for any software you want best in breed, highly rated by Gartner and tried and tested by thousands of others.

Adaptive Insights is the leading cloud planning software, with over 3800+ customers, and everything you need in the box to forecast, budget, analyse and report with data integration to connect up your information. With rave reviews on usability and the added benefit of being able to report in Excel using Office Connect, it offers everything you need to plan your way out of anything.

The other half of every software story is delivery. Formulate is a top ten global Adaptive Insights partner who deliver to small medium and large enterprises in all sectors across the EMEA area. Our consultants are finance, business and systems savvy and our pre-built solutions give you fast results and do more. We can integrate into pretty much any system and we always met you on your patch.

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